Synergy DBL Essentials Online

Synergy DBL Essentials Online is a web-based, asynchronous course that teaches participants the basics of the language through a mixture of animated videos, recorded lectures, syntax cheat sheets, knowledge checkpoints, and hands-on exercises.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

New Synergy developers need a way to become proficient in the language, and managers typically don’t have the time to teach the foundational concepts their new hires should understand in order to hit the ground running. This asynchronous web-based course covers the essentials of Synergy DBL and allows participants to tackle each topic at their own pace. Unlike an in-person course, participants can access their online “classroom” from anywhere and return to it as needed for up to a year following their enrollment.


Participants can plan their learning around other demands in their workday.

Variety of instructional media (videos, cheat sheets, exercises) reinforces learning and retention.

Participants have access to world-class developer support team.

Video duration averages 5-8 minutes; studies have demonstrated that this length tends to be the most effective at keeping learners engaged.

Learning objectives include tips and best practices from our experts who bring decades of training experience.

Participants can download and keep cheat sheets for future reference.

Participants can access the class for up to a year following their enrollment.

Participants receive a certificate they can display on LinkedIn or link to from their social media profile of choice.


    • User-friendly course platform
    • 70+ instructional videos
    • 20+ downloadable PDFs
    • 8 quizzes
    • 18 hands-on coding exercises

Additional Information

    • Target audience: new Synergy developers with experience in other programming languages.
    • Estimated course length: 40-60 hours to complete.


    • Participants should have some programming experience.
    • To access, build, and run the code at each stage, participants must have the following software tools installed on an adequately equipped Windows 10 system:
      • Visual Studio 2012 (minimum version 16.8.3) or 2022
      • Synergy/DE installed and licensed
        • Synergy/DE 32-bit
        • Synergy/DE 64-bit
        • Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio
    • Additionally, to submit code for review at the end of the course, participants will need an active GitHub account.

Recommended Setup

    • Because much of the class content involves viewing source code, using a typical laptop monitor is not recommend. We recommend using a full-size keyboard and mouse along with a development-grade computer that meets the following minimum configuration:
      • Recent model quad-core Intel Core I5 or higher (I7 preferred).
      • 8 GB RAM (16GB or more preferred)
      • Solid-state drive (SSD storage (installing Visual Studio can require up to 40GB of local storage)
      • Large-screen full HD (1920 x 1080) or high monitor, recommended 27″ or larger
      • Good quality external speakers

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