Portability Is Our Middle Name

Whether you’re targeting Windows, Linux/Unix, or OpenVMS, you can easily port your code from one platform to the next.

The number next to each platform below is its Synergy/DE system code. Click on the platforms for more details, including information about the specific operating system versions that are supported and which versions of Synergy/DE run on them. View this table to see the specific OS versions that each Synergy/DE version was tested on. See the Release Strategy page for Synergex policies on supported Synergy/DE versions and platforms.


Develop traditional Synergy applications with Visual Studio or Workbench and create Synergy .NET applications with Visual Studio.


Develop directly on any of the 32- and 64-bit Linux and Unix systems that Synergy/DE supports or take advantage of Workbench’s feature-rich IDE to develop Linux/Unix applications on Windows.


Is your time-tested OpenVMS application looking a bit dowdy? Give it a fresh face with a Windows front-end and get the second look you deserve.